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    Meet Purely

    Spreading Happy.

    Purely taps into an abundance of refreshingly unique and inspired art created 100% by kids. A digital platform and art destination, Purely enables young artists to upload and share their art so the world can discover, appreciate, share and even purchase products based upon it. 

    With Purely, the world becomes a little happier.

    Empowering Artists

    Purely empowers young, entrepreneurial artists by giving them a way to share their ideas, feel proud of their work, and earn a little money in the process. Purely was designed for casual artists, making art for art’s sake. And for more serious artists, considering futures in the professional art world.

    Our Story

    It’s really not about us. But if you want to know: we are just like you. We are parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles--adults who used to be kids. We take ourselves too seriously too often. And we crave the simplicity and honesty of the youthful perspective. We recognize that perspective in our kids and the mounds of impressively fresh art they bring home. And it makes us happy.

    Enter Purely. Purely was founded by Katherine Mullen and Jill Hulswit, a mother-daughter duo from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to give the world a better way to access and share young artists’ work. And to encourage kids to chase dreams, explore their creativity and work hard so they can feel proud and be rewarded.  Jill is an artist and almost-techie, works in the advertising world, and is the creative behind Purely. Katherine handles the nuts and bolts, and has been known to draw lovely landscape designs.

    Smiles are free. Give them generously.

    Artist Policy

    All-inclusive. Purely proudly supports and encourages all 17-and-under artists from all walks of life. Art is searchable by age range, category/content and keyword, so you can quickly find what you want.

    • You’ll find casual artists who are creating really cool art, mostly for the joy of creating it.
    • You’ll find more serious artists who are creating their first portfolio sites, generating buzz and appreciation for their work, contemplating professional art careers--and earning money while doing it.
    • And everything in between.

    Leaving our mark. Purely’s purpose is to have a positive impact on the world. And we ask that our artists rally around that purpose and create art that wholly supports it. Purely reserves the right to remove any art at any time without explanation, if we believe it conflicts with our goals.

    Safety first. Our artists’ safety and protection is a top Purely priority. Purely strongly encourages artists and parents to refrain from sharing any information that would personally identify you or your child or cause exposure to any type of risk--including but not limited to: last names, birth dates, hometowns and photos of kids. Each artist’s public profile is created and personal information shared at the sole discretion of the artist and parents. Please be smart when creating accounts.