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    Questions? We've got answers.


    What is Purely all about?

    What is Purely?

    Why should I visit Purely?

    What's in it for the artists?

    How do I know that the art was really created by a kid?

    For Visitors / Shoppers

    Finding Art

    How can I find the art I’m looking for?

    I know someone who’s selling art on Purely. How do I find him/her?

    Do Purely's artists really receive a commission?

    Can I license a digital version of a piece of art?

    Can I purchase an original piece of art?

    Can I commission an artist that I find on Purely for a new original piece of art?

    If I see art that I think is offensive, can I report it? How?

    About the Products

    What products do you sell?

    Who prints the products?

    How are t-shirts printed?

    Are there special directions for washing my t-shirts?

    Are your products made in America?

    Shipping & Returns

    What kind of products can I buy?

    How quickly will I receive my order?

    What's your return policy?

    For Artists

    Selling Products and Getting Paid

    Who will buy my art?

    What products will be sold with my art on it?

    How much money will I make?

    When and how will I be paid?

    When do you need a W-9 for tax purposes?

    The Legal Stuff: Child Protection and Business Aspects

    What steps do you have steps in place for my protection (since I am a kid)?

    Will you make my personal information public?

    Do I have any restrictions on the use of my art when I sign on with Purely?

    Can I upload work with brand names or pics of people?

    Who owns my art when I upload it?

    What will you do with my art?

    Are there any restrictions on the kind of art I upload?

    If I close my account, can Purely still use my art?

    Creating Art

    Who is eligible to create art for Purely?

    After I upload my art, what's next? When will my art be live?

    What types of files can I upload? How big do they have to be?

    What types of mediums should/can I use?

    How do I get great images of my art?

    Will my art be altered?

    Are there any restrictions on the content of my art?

    Can I upload photography?

    Can I upload videos?

    Can I upload 3D art?

    Creating & Managing My Account

    I am a kid. Can I create my own account?

    How much art can I upload?

    How can I add new art to an existing account?

    I’m having trouble uploading art, who can I contact?

    What should I say about myself in my Art Page?

    Can I manage my account myself?

    What if I want to update my artist information or descriptions of my art?

    What happens when I turn 18?

    How do I close my account?